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Unique Ideas for Your Wedding Name Cards - Zankyou Article (English Translation)

Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with Zankyou Nederland about choosing the right name cards for your event! They’ve shared all the details in their latest article — Naamkaartjes voor de Bruiloft — full of tips & ideas for all those in wedding planning mode 💡

Check out the English translation below! (Original article by Thirza Martens available here!)


Place cards are not only practical, but they can also be a beautiful addition to your wedding decorations. With these unique designs, the mouths of the guests fall open when they arrive at their name card.

In this article, we'll dive into the difference between place cards and escort cards, and take a look at options to consider when planning your wedding. You want a design that is not too complex, fits your theme and is preferably also a bit unique. Curious? Then read on!

Choose the Type of Name Card

Before we start, it is helpful to first choose between a place card and escort card. On a place card, only the name of the guest will be written, and the card will be placed at each guest's place setting. They are usually used in combination with a seating chart. On an escort card, you will find the table number in addition to the guest's name. Guests will find these near the entrance of the room, and it will help guide them to their seats. To help you decide, consider the number of guests, the style of your wedding, and the wedding location.

Name cards might not sound too exciting at first, but they don't have to be boring at all! In fact, when designed well, they can really enhance the look of your tables and the experience for your guests! Stephanie from Letter & Vine has a lot of experience with making name cards, and we're in luck! — she has shared some of her most beautiful, unique designs with us.

Traditional and Timeless

The tent card has been around for years in the wedding industry, and it's easy to see why! They are a beautiful, timeless card that easily guide your guests to the right place. The design is classic and will therefore never go out of style. Perfect for elegant, traditional weddings.

Add Texture

Looking to add a little something extra? Adding a bit of texture to your cards can make all of the difference. Deckled edges, hand-made paper, watercolour washes, or gold flakes are great options for raising the bar and adding extra detail. The extra touch will give your cards an artistic look that change the vibe in no time. This design is suitable for weddings with a fine art style and for wedding locations with a rustic vibe.

Give Your Cards Dimension

If you are looking for that element to really make your place cards stand out, then we have the golden tip here! By rolling the edges of the cards, Stephanie creates a 3D effect, making them look like mini scrolls. An elegant, unique look that your guests will be sure to notice!

Think Outside of the Box

It never hurts to think outside of the box! Challenge yourself to get creative, and collaborate with a calligrapher to combine your name cards with your wedding favours! For example, hang the tags on mini olive oil bottles as you see in the photo below. Super cute and they also serve as a nice thank you gift for the guests! Still looking for wedding favors for guests? Then take a look at our database with the best wedding suppliers!

Make it Interactive

Help the guests find their place while offering them a drink or a snack. This is how it works: The names and table number of the each guest can be written on a tag by a calligrapher, which then hangs on a champagne glass, or attaches to a cookie or other kind of snack. Fun and practical!

Crazy for Flowers!

Flowers are always a good idea! When we're talking weddings, the more the better! The name card featured below is designed to hold a small sprig of flowers or other greenery. Alternatively, thread a silk ribbon through the tag, and tie it around the napkin with a bit of greenery and a flower! This creative look is a great way to impress your guests as they arrive at their tables.

Although Stephanie has already lifted the tip of the veil, she is chock full of unique ideas that she is happy to create for you under the name Letter & Vine. Stephanie is an expert in the field of calligraphy and illustration. All of her tags are carefully cut by hand and hand-written, resulting in the most elegant and contemporary pieces. Her designs are completely made to measure and can be adjusted to your wishes. Feel free to contact her to discuss your vision!


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