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Why Your Wedding Stationery Needs Calligraphy! - Zankyou Article (English Translation)

Hi, friends! A few months ago, Zankyou Nederland featured my work in an article "Why Your Wedding Stationery is Even More Beautiful with Calligraphy" — originally "Waarom jullie trouwkaarten nog mooier worden met kalligrafie!" (click for the original). I thought it might be helpful to include an English translation for my fellow expats and brides abroad:

A big thank you to the article's original author, Sherita Jager, from Zankyou Nederland!


Why your wedding cards become even more beautiful with calligraphy!

Are you looking to add a chic touch to your stationery with handwritten invitations? A unique name card for the table? Beautiful thank-you notes? Calligraphy is the answer for a one-of-a-kind, luxe feel for your wedding. Stephanie from Letter & Vine is a true professional and turns all texts into handmade masterpieces.

Express Yourself

Calligraphy gives couples the chance to really express their style and character. Are you hosting a black tie affair? A beautiful name card with classic copperplate calligraphy will complement your event and convey a feeling of elegance. Is your wedding more casual and intimate? A modern script style for your envelopes and invitations can express this perfectly and create the right expectations. When guests receive your envelope, they will immediately say: Yes! That is really you!

Show Your Guests How Important They Are to You!

Your wedding is an important day that is shared with your nearest and dearest. By paying special attention to the little details, you are providing an experience for your guests. In a digital world, handmade items are the icing on the cake, making an impression that lasts forever. If your guests receive a beautiful envelope, specially written for them, it sets the tone and creates excitement for the festivities to begin! Show your guests that you're honoured to celebrate with them by providing a memorable experience for them. What better way to share your joy!

Make it Cohesive

By using the same calligraphy style for all of your wedding stationery, you ensure that the look and feel of your wedding is consistent. It is important to find a good calligrapher who can help you tie everything together. Originally from the New York City area, Stephanie Jiosi is the owner of Letter & Vine. She works in Amsterdam as a calligrapher and illustrator, and was awarded the prestigious Zankyou awards this year. These awards are presented every year to the best professionals in the wedding industry. Letter & Vine won this award in the Invitations and Stationary category. A huge honor and also a quality stamp for her work! "With a good eye for design, I can help you choose a calligraphy style that match the overall look of wedding. Your beautifully printed invitations deserve an equally beautiful envelope! It is also possible to create matching name cards for the table, characters, and menus all in the same colour, style and font."

The Luxury of Handmade

The possibilities of modern calligraphy are endless. You can choose different styles and colours, and you can even choose surfaces other than paper! There is something special about receiving a wedding invitation by mail. Feeling the weight, texture and quality of the paper and noticing the small details and craftsmanship that have been incorporated into its design. Invitations and envelopes create the very first impression for the guests and set the tone for the celebration. A handwritten envelope is therefore something that immediately shows what the guests can expect. Choose a calligraphy style for your envelope that perfectly matches the invitation design. Success guaranteed!

But isn't calligraphy just for envelopes and name cards?

Not at all! Calligraphy can be used for seating charts, menus, monograms, thank you cards, gift bags, and so on. You can even have a wedding logo designed that repeats across all of your day-of stationery pieces. Think outside the box, your calligrapher is happy to think along with you! — and you will see that a whole world opens up to you. Calligraphy provides unique details so that your guests will never forget the wedding!


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